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How to Reduce Your Dog's Weight?

Updated: Jan 26

Our animal needs to move, eat well, and maintain good daily habits when feeding. To keep our dog or cat healthy.

You must respect the daily dose according to its weight, it must be given 3% of food maximum per day. For example, if my animal weighs 10 kg X 3/100 = 0.30 kg or 300 g divided into 2 or 3 meals according to its habits.

The older our animal is, more it will tend to move less, another reason not to exceed the allowed dose of food so that it does not gain excess weight.

And keep an eye on carbs. Foods that contain carbohydrates (sugar, caramel, starch, flour, etc.) are not beneficial for the health of your animal, carbohydrates can lead to overweight or even obesity, cardiovascular problems, renal failure, diabetes,…

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